Painting Classes

This course started at Mel Smith Studios in St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada in 2004. It has taught more than 150 people since opening. Mel Smith Studios is currently operating from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Introduction to Oil Painting is a beginner’s class for people with no previous experience, however all levels are welcome and can be accommodated. The purpose of this class is to explore how to create an oil painting from start to finish. While having drawing skills is definitely an asset it is not a requirement. We touch on drawing in the first few classes, enabling each student to produce a successful drawing from which they may begin their painting.

In this class you will learn about the importance of the grisaille ( under painting ), the idea of painting fat over Lean, mixing colour and adding mediums, glazing, the importance of light, and much more...
Class are small and intimate with only 7 people per session allowing plenty of time for one on one instruction. As a beginner, everyone will work on the same painting. This is to assess your level and allow you to become familiar with your medium: oil paint. Once you have completed your first piece you are free to do a piece of your choice. All images in the beginner’s class are drawn from photograph and chosen by the instructor. If you choose to return you will have the option of taking a still life class to gain experience drawing and painting from life or painting from a photo of your choice. At the end of the year there will be a student exhibition showcasing your work.

Materials list provided with registration

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Teambuilding Workshops

Book professional artist Melanie Smith for a team building exercise and get to know your colleagues in a new way while exploring your artistic sides together. You provide the space and Melanie will provide the instruction and/or materials according to your needs.

A day of teambuilding will give you and your colleagues the opportunity to experience each other outside of your regular routines in a relaxed manner, while creating a piece of art work where all levels can be accommodated. Whether it is a 4-8 hour workshop or a weekend retreat all participants will bring home their own beautiful oil painting.

Teambuilding exercises must be booked for a minimum of 7 people to a maximum of 20. Coffee, tea and a light snack are included in fees, while lunch can be provided for an additional charge.

    • 4 hour workshop ( min. 7 people, materials included )
    • 550 DKK pr. person
    • 8 hour workshop ( min. 7 people, materials included )
    • 900 DKK pr. person
    • * Lunch provided for an additional fee. Please specify when booking.

If you are interested in booking a weekend retreat, please contact by email for pricing or use the contact form.